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Imagine a life where you didn't fear a square of chocolate?

It's time to get your confidence back through food

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Are you a mid-life woman ready to have some time for you, finally?

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For referrers

We specialise in women's health for mid life women going through body changes.

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Working with ACC

We support ACC providers on multi disciplinary team contracts and Sensitive Claims.

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Has food become an issue for you?

Nutrition & Life expert Dietitians are here to help when:

you feel like you are fighting a losing battle with age
your weight or eating feels out of control
you are frustrated by your body changes
you are disengaged from the things you love
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Lock in a nutrition plan

Find out the secrets to your success


Conquer food guilt

Move forward without the fear of food controlling you

Pioneers in Nutrition

Menopause Specialists 

Working with women to kick start the next phase in their life.

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Original ACC Dietitians

Working with clients to give them some control back through food.

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Menopause and You…