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We help our clients bring joy to their self-care. To help them get their glow back through nutrition.

Meet Our Team


Laura Carlson


Speciality: Menopause Management, ACC, Eating Disorders

I help clients to treat themselves as kindly as they treat others by educating them about self care, self worth and body image work.

Kelsey Paterson


Speciality: Food Intolerances, Menopause Management, ACC, Sports Nutrition

I help clients to avoid the struggle and stress of food by helping them to understand the unique ways we can
get food to change their lives and make them feel
great again

Central Otago

Sara Thompson


Speciality: ACC, Rest Home, Maternal and Infant Nutrition

I help clients to find energy and feel good about themselves by understanding them, personally, for proven results.


Angela Phillips


Speciality: ACC, Bariatric Surgery, Digestive Health, Weight Management, Rest Home

I guide clients to make healthy happen in their busy lives, by brainstorming with them to find solutions where it will change their day-to-day lives most.

Deepti Shivandhana


Speciality: ACC, Menopause Management, Diabetes and Weight Management

I help clients form a healthier relationship with food and encourage them to reach their nutrition goals through evidence-based advice and practical tips.


Amy Lowry

Dietitian (currently on maternity leave)

Speciality: Menopause Management, Bariatric Surgery

I walk alongside clients, assisting them to meet their goals by offering a listening ear and friendly, non-judgemental advice that suits their stage of life, priorities and aspirations.

Olive Toldi


Specialty: Digestive Health, Weight Concerns, Menopause Management

I support clients to re-orientate their health as the most important aspect of their life by helping them
re-engage with self-care and build confidence in themselves.

Kirsten Garcia


Speciality: Bariatric, ACC, Rest Home, Foodservice

I support clients towards their goals and a positive relationship food by matching practical, evidenced based strategies to their needs and aspirations.

Non Clinical Staff

Ashley Calkin

Clinical Manager

Speciality: Food Service, Menu Reviews

I help Nutrition & Life Clinical Dietitians to deliver a professional service by encouraging them to be the best in NZ, in this field, and be there for every clients needs.

Josephine Greer

Managing Director

Speciality: ACC Programs, Dietitian Supervision, Governance

I help Dietitians to develop themselves and their profession by supporting them to be assured and authentic in offering client centred business services.

Bianca Berton-Scarlett

Administrator and Dietetic Assistant

I support Nutrition and Life clients towards better health by connecting them with a Dietitian and responding to all queries.