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We help our clients bring joy to their self-care. To help them get their glow back through nutrition.

Meet Our Team


Laura Carlson


Speciality: Menopause Management, ACC, Eating Disorders

I help clients to treat themselves as kindly as they treat others by educating them about self care, self worth and body image work.

Kelsey Paterson


Speciality: Food Intolerances, Menopause Management, ACC, Sports Nutrition

Central Otago

Sara Thompson


Speciality: ACC, Rest Home, Maternal and Infant Nutrition

I help clients to find energy and feel good about themselves by understanding them, personally, for proven results.


Angela Phillips


Speciality: ACC, Bariatric Surgery, Digestive Health, Weight Management, Rest Home

I guide clients to make healthy happen in their busy lives, by brainstorming with them to find soultions where it will change their day-to-day lives most.


Amy Lowry

Dietitian (currently on maternity leave)

Speciality: Menopause Management, Bariatric Surgery

I walk alongside clients, assisting them to meet their goals by offering a listening ear and friendly, non-judgemental advice that suits their stage of life, priorities and aspirations.

Olive Toldi


Specialty: Digestive Health, Weight Concerns, Menopause Management

I support clients to re-orientate their health as the most important aspect of their life by helping them
re-engage with self-care and build confidence in themselves.

Kirsten Garcia


Speciality: Bariatric, ACC, Rest Home, Foodservice

I support clients towards their goals and a positive relationship food by matching practical, evidenced based strategies to their needs and aspirations.

Non Clinical Staff

Ashley Calkin

Clinical Manager

Speciality: Food Service, Menu Reviews

I help Nutrition & Life Clinical Dietitians to deliver a professional service by encouraging them to be the best in NZ, in this field, and be there for every clients needs.

Josephine Greer

Managing Director

Speciality: ACC Programs, Dietitian Supervision, Governance

I help Dietitians to develop themselves and their profession by supporting them to be assured and authentic in offering client centred business services.

Bianca Berton-Scarlett

Administrator and Dietetic Assistant

I support Nutrition and Life clients towards better health by connecting them with a Dietitian and responding to all queries.