5 ways to make greens exciting

Blood Orange or Tangerine as plant based diet for breast tenderness

Exciting plant foods, 5 recipes for FODMAP/IBS, menstruation, fertility or menopause

Five ways to make greens exciting.


Greens are harder to digest if you don’t have abeautiful amount of fat and flavour to go with it. This means they need to be exciting, if greens are feeling like a chore, lets change that for you. These recipes are exciting staple recipes that you can add to your repertoire to boost your plant food intake.


Miso Sauteed greens

Salt is needed to digest your dark green vegetables,get that miso and other nurturing umami flavours in there

Make sure it is a traditionally fermented misofor the phytoestrogens and if you are in perimenopause, and try adding flaxseedoil, nuts or tempeh for another phytoestrogen boost



Late Summer Ratatouille

You can just do onions, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and dried herbs cookedin a little oil until it is a bit saucy and that alone is delicious! Even justonions, and  2 other vegetables works well.



Sweet and Spicy Peanut Sauce with salad

The best kept salad secret is Indonesian Gado Gado salad, its to die for. Even if you have kids as it is great for finfer foods and getting them to try new veges with the yummy peanut satay sauce.



Tzatziki Mint Youghurt Dip

Great with vege sticks or in your sandwhiches



Green Goddess Dressing

This should be in your fridge as a staple as it is sodelicious and you can pack as many herbs in there as you can as long as youhave 1 cup herbs total it will be delicious

https://cookieandkate.com/easy-green-goddess-dressing-recipe/great in sandwiches with cheese and lettuce/cucumber


Adding bitter greens to your diet stimulates digestion to help with reflux, gallbladder issues, bloating, feelingsatisfied and preventing sugar cravings. Not to mention all those micronutrients for to make your cells sing and stabilise your mood.


In saying that, you will eat more plant foods naturally when you have a good relationship with food. To have a good relatioship with food you want to go with what you feel like eating and not force yourself to eat foods you do not feel like in the moment. Trust that you will eat them when the time is right. When food rules dissolve we eat a higher plant diet by default.

Never force green vegetables during pre-menstruation, eat to what your body is telling you and take some time off to have lower fibre lower vegetables days when you need them to satisfy cravings or your emotional needs. You can also make these recipes low FODMAP ifyou feel bloated pre-menstrually or when you have acute stress affecting yourdigestion, to do that lower the garlic or onion in each recipe.

Image compliments to Cookie and Kate, https://cookieandkate.com/easy-green-goddess-dressing-recipe/, I love their recipes and give them full credit for this beautiful image and recipe that I have shared with you today.

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