Can’t think clearly? Gain back mental clarity and perform at your best once again.  

End of Year Fatigue

I always forget what I want to say, am I losing my mind?  

No, you are NOT, brain fog is a normal but frustrating symptom of menopause reported by one-two thirds of women. Luckily, there is something you can do about it.

When the things you used to do in autopilot suddenly take a bit more effort, you not only get frustrated, but we see women start to feel helpless, anxious and generally low.

Imagine how confident you would feel being able to quickly get your head around the new software at work or being able to easily adapt to sudden changes of your schedule again!

Can you relate to these frustrating effects of brain fog and wondered how you can blow it away? Keep on reading to find out!

You may have been told by other health professionals that brain fog is hard to prevent and treat, but don't sit back and accept this as your new normal.

What should you eat to keep you mentally sharp?

A Mediterranean diet AND start with adding oily fish and nuts to get the most omega-3's you can.

Omega 3 is without a doubt the top brain food and oily fish is the best source.

Try tuna mayo salad or sandwiches for lunch or anchovy pasta with salad for dinner, or try Sealord's Fish Fillet Chunks as the base to potato fish cakes (as they are a more sustainable source of oily fish than tinned tuna or salmon available in the supermarket).

The forms of fat in nuts are also beneficial to prevent brain ageing. Put them in nutty and banana bread, nut butter cookies, in muesli, nut and fruit salad, nuts sprinkled on all your favourite dishes. Include a mixture of (walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds).

Linseed or flaxseed oil is only 15% as effective as oily fish products but is also a great back up if yo are not a fish eater or want to make dressings with a nutty flavour.

Review your exercise, sleep routine and discuss hormone therapy with your health professionals if you are wanting more edge against brain fog.

If you would like know more about how you can implement a Mediterranean Diet click here for more information.