Do you avoid wearing tight fitting clothes because of bloating? Gain back your fashion freedom today!

End of Year Fatigue

Hi ladies,

Do you ever struggle with bloating?

I wanted to share with you a story about someone who came into clinic recently. When she arrived, she was at her wits end and willing to try anything to gain back control of her bowels. She often turned down going out for a drink on Friday night with the girls, avoided long plane trips, didn’t want to eat in social settings and felt anxious when leaving the house. It was clear that her bloating and gut issues were isolating and caused a lot of stress.

30-60% of women report an increase in bloating when going through menopause! You are not alone if you are experiencing menopausal bloating too!

If you have ever wanted to know how to prevent bloating and reduced abdominal discomfort, then keep on reading!

Over the 6 weeks on her Dietitian prescribed gastro plan, we started off by decreasing her meal sizes, eating meals at the dining room table and chewing her food properly. After trying this she noticed that her stomach was a lot less gurgley but still had some troubles with bloating.  We identified some gas producing foods such as onion, cauliflower, cabbage and beans of which made her bloating worse. Working together we found an eating pattern that included small amounts of these foods and only caused minimal bloating. Following on from this, she still found that some days her bowels were worse than others, usually on days where work was stressful. So, we focused our attention to stress management strategies such as mindfulness and slotting in a daily walk after dinner. She found it amazing how much stress could really impact her gut! By the end of the program she was confident to eat out with her friends, was planning a trip to Europe for the end of the year and felt as though she had gained back control of her life from via her bowel health.

Starting today, you can control your bloating through small nutritional and lifestyle changes! Imagine how amazing it would be, being able to go out with friends and not worry about where the nearest bathroom is!

If you would like more information on how you can improve your bowel health, check out our soluble fibre resource and start making changes today!