Are you affected by often embarrassing and infuriating hot flushes? Try our go-to surprising foods, rather than just hoping they pass!

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Managing Embarrassing Hot Flushes

Hot Flushes or Hot Flashes

Are you frustrated by your embarrassing hot flushes?

You’re not alone, 4 out of 5 women experience hot flushes in the beginning stages of perimenopause, for some ladies they can go on for 12-15 years!

If left untamed hot flushes can hijack your life, all the way from sleep deprived sweaty nights to loss of composure while socializing, all in all, ruining your day.

Imagine how good it would feel to regain control and confidence. Well you can! When you see an expert dietitian, who can pull together diet, lifestyle, stress relief and supplement use you will finally feel the long-awaited relief you’ve been waiting for.

Glowing ladies imagine how good you would feel taking back control! To feel calm in social situations, to feel in control of your day at home and at work and having a restful undisturbed sleep.

Hot flushes are not something you have to put up with! If you have ever wanted to see if food can help ease your hot flushes, then read on for what our dietitians have to say.

“Many women turn to phytoestrogens to help manage their symptoms, we also know that calcium and fibre containing foods are crucial for protecting your health during this time in your life.”

Our go-to surprising foods for menopause symptom support are:

-       Berry smoothie with soy milk, soy yoghurt, berries, 1 tsp ground linseed

-       Overnight oats with soy milk, chia seeds, ground linseeds and berries

-       Hummus and carrots or celery as a snack

-       Honey, soy and ginger marinated tofu with lots of vegetables and brown rice

-       Pumpkin and lentil burger patty

-       Red clover tea

As well as our surprising foods, studies have also found that women who follow a Mediterranean style diet have a 20% lower rate of hot flushes and night sweats. For more support on how to beat your hot flushes see our “The Mediterranean Diet” handout.

Yes, Dietitians recommending a diet is unusual these days since diets are very destructive but this one can be beneficial in menopause.

If you would like to discuss the Mediterranean diet or your overall nutrition then you can chat with a NZ Dietitian today.

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