Fearful of overeating at your Christmas party? Curb your hunger and walk away feeling guilt free!

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Imagine being able to choose what to eat with no regrets!

Have your work Christmas functions ever been ruined by the feeling of guilt around overeating?

With Christmas fast approaching we are hearing a lot of our clients stressing about how they are going to make it through their work Christmas parties without overeating! This is a common concern so we thought that we would put together some pointers to help you get through this stressful time guilt free!

The Best Christmas Parties Should Be Fun

Don’t let food ruin another Christmas function for you. Read on to see how you can stop food standing in your way of a good time!

Are you worried about eating too many “bad foods” while socialising as it always ends in overeating? Guilt can distract you from socialising and there is no way you can enjoy yourself.

Imagine being able to choose what to eat and feel satisfied at the end of it, no regrets AND being free to enjoy yourself again at social functions without inhibitions.

It's OK To Eat Dessert At Your Christmas Party

You can still follow a healthy lifestyle during the festive season AND have the dessert options! If you would like to know how, keep reading!

So how can you stop yourself from overeating at your Christmas party this year?

1. Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water across the day before the event, don’t hold out until later, this will set you up to eat with ravenous eyes (you know, the old eyes are too big for your stomach saying).

2. Fill your plate with a small amount of everything that looks good to you. Now here is the secret, it is really important to fill a plate that looks really good to you and remember that your plate doesn't have to be the end of the meal. Leave some space for dessert or seconds.

3. Go back for dessert! Or some more of whatever you enjoyed most of the main course. Even if you think you are full allow yourself a few more mouthfuls just to be sure you are satisfied.

Dietitians Orders: Enjoy The Party Guilt Free

Trust me, you will be able to enjoy the event to the fullest if you know you have enjoyed the food to the fullest without depriving yourself.

These are a few quick tips to help you through the silly season! Get in touch today if you would like to book in to see one of our expert dietitians to help you learn how to take control of your life back from food!

Let go of the guilt and fear around food. Our NZ Dietitians believe in food freedom and we can help you achieve it. Learn more about food freedom today.

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