Festive food guilt getting you down? Free yourself from guilt today by NOT continuing to make this mistake.

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Overcoming food guilt in the festive season

Do you feel as though you spent the whole Christmas/New year break eating? Well this post is for you!

“Society wants you to think that if you occasionally eat more than your body requires that it will instantly lead to weight gain or bad health.”

That guilt takes away from the many joyful things that the holiday period brings us, such as: summer BBQ’s with friends, the Christmas decorations, spending time with your loved ones and getting out and enjoying the warmer weather! This will also added stress to your life such as “I must go to the gym to burn off Christmas”, “I have to live on salads all summer to make up for the Christmas/new year period”. Finally, carrying this guilt with you can build into anxiety and make you dread next Christmas or any occasion where you may feel out of control around food.

Imagine being able to enjoy ice cream WITHOUT feeling guilty afterwards!

By addressing your guilt, you will free yourself from the anxiety and shame associated with overeating. This in turn will help you enjoy the quality time that you have with loved ones, appreciate the delicious festive foods and enable you to relax and unwind from the year. Sounds bliss doesn’t it?

Would you like to be able to ditch the guilt and move forward with the year? There is one mistake you are likely making.

“Overeating is a normal part of the festive season, sit with it, enjoy it and move on with the new year.”

The biggest mistake you could be making right now is continuing to punish yourself for your eating over the two weeks of Christmas and New Year. Those two weeks are approximately 4% of the year so don’t waste the other 96% of the year dwelling on the Christmas/new year period. To help you move forward reflect on the enjoyable aspects of your break, whether that’s the time spent at the beach or lake, exploring new places, time spent with the family, watching your grandchildren open their presents or just having a break from work!

To help you move forward, I want to set you a challenge:

Instead of counting calories this summer, I challenge you to count the different types of plant foods you eat each week, this includes fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. The aim is to consume MORE than 30 different types each week. Are you up for the challenge?

If you want to start moving forward today get in touch with us today and one of our expert dietitians will be able to work with you!

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