Gut-Friendly Overnight Oats Recipe

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Overnights oats recipe for gut health

You may have heard that oats are a nutrient-dense food that is good for your digestive system. However, old-fashioned porridge just doesn't appeal. This is not your old-school porridge (although that's delicious and nutritious too).

This recipe by Chantelle (virtual nutritionist volunteer at Nutrition & Life) is shared to help kiwis looking for a gut-friendly breakfast recipe.

These creamy 'Overnight' Oats can be ready in 2 hours or more or prepared the night before for busy mornings.

Gut-loving ‘overnight’ oats
(Serves 1)


-       ½ cup Rolled Oats

-       1 tbsp Chia Seeds

-       ½ cup Greek Yoghurt (unsweetened)

-       ½ medium Banana, mashed

-       ½ cup milk of choice

-       Dash of cinnamon

Optional extras: berries, drizzle of honey, or maple syrup


1.   Place all the ingredients together in a bowl or container and mix well to combine.

2.  Cover and place in the fridge overnight, or for at least 2 hours to set and form a thick and creamy consistency

3.  Serve with fresh or frozen berries and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup as desired

Nutritional notes:


- When chia seeds are mixed with liquid, they form a gelatin-like substance. This gel-forming action is due to the soluble fibre in chia seeds. It can act as a prebiotic by supporting the growth of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in the gut.

- Among whole grains, oats have high levels of soluble and insoluble fibres, both of which contribute to gut health. They are also an excellent source of prebiotics!

- Kefir yoghurt (fermented milk-like thin yoghurt) or yoghurt containing cultures are both good for promoting a healthy gut. This is because they contain probiotics.

- Greek yoghurt without added sugar is a good source of protein and healthy fat. This is important as non-beneficial gut bacteria love to feed on sugar.

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