Whats all the fuss about the gut microbiome?

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It may be hard to believe but within our gut we have over 38 trillion bacteria – that’s over 2kg of bacteria in our gut!

Your microbiome is your unique bacteria fingerprint, it is made up of both friendly and less friendly bacteria.  The friendly bacteria (called probiotics) have many roles including helping us digest food, make vitamins and improve our immune system.

Gut dysbiosis, when the balance between of these bacteria is off, can increase our risk of infections, food intolerances and even certain diseases like inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes.

So how do you improve your gut microbiome?

Prebiotics – These feed our friendly bacteria.  Prebiotics are found in many foods especially those which are high in fibre – think fruit, veggies and wholegrains.

Fermented foods – Rich in probiotics, these foods add to the balance of good bacteria in our gut.  Fermented foods include kombucha, kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut. At N&L we recommend fermented foods over probiotic supplements.

Get those hands dirty – Don’t be worried about a bit of dirt!  Exposing ourselves to bacteria helps us build a healthy immune system to fight off any infections.

Food first, but supplements can help – It’s important to note that a varied diet is the best way to get all our nutrients, however, you can take probiotic supplements to give your gut that extra boost.

Kudos for the photo goes to the Daily Organics.  If you are interested in trying any other brands of kombucha try:

-       The Good Buzz

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Disclaimer : Kombucha can be an acquired taste so make sure to shop around to find your favourite brand!