Have you fallen off the wagon? Your 12-week plan to perfect health this New Year!

End of Year Fatigue

Hi ladies are you struggling with consistently falling off the diet wagon?

Have you set yourself more failed New Year’s resolutions than you can remember and are struggling with your diet?

If you felt like a failure last year because your food, weight, hormones or gut health were out of control, this feeling of being out of control creates bigger problems for you over the year. Firstly, it distracts your thoughts, absorbs you and sucks your energy from work, your passions, friends and family. It can lead to a lack of confidence when out and you will find it hard to enjoy other people’s company. You may start the year with a goal to do better but quickly feel guilt and shame because you haven’t been able to get on top of things like you hoped.

If you can relate to any of this, keep on reading!

Today I wanted to share with a story about one of our clients. She had been struggling with her weight and food guilt for over 20 years and had tried skipping meals, intensive weight loss programs and exercise, with little success. When she first came in, she was so confused about what to eat that she was eating what her teenage son wanted to eat to simply avoid making any food choices for herself. But then we set a great plan with her and made sure it was highly targeted to her treatment goals, we also made sure these goals were meaningful to her which is not done well by 99% of health professionals out there.

We did a combination of meal planning and changing key nutrition cornerstones, which is the starting point for all our clients. Despite seeing a lot of other health professionals and trying everything they offered this was completely new to her. She was completely gobsmacked, that after a few sessions she was feeling more in control of her diet and life than she had in 20 years. I want this for you too.

If you have read this far, then this blog is for you. If you had fallen off the wagon last year and you want a healthier YOU this year, then click here to book in with us today for a FREE 15 minute phone consult with one of our expert dietitians!