Hiding yourself from the world? Gain back your confidence and feel comfortable in your favourite dress once again!

Blood Orange or Tangerine as plant based diet for breast tenderness

Feel sexy and comfortable in that dress!

Glowing New Zealand ladies, do you feel that you are at a constant battle with yourself about the way you look?

Body Changes Are A Normal Part Of Life

“54% of women dread menopause body changes and we support women make the menopause transition easier everyday”.

Mid-life Client Story

I wanted to share with you a story about a lady who I have been seeing. When we first met, she carried herself with her head hung low, shoulders slumped forward and admitted giving up putting in effort to try and look good. Everything she tried hadn’t helped her achieve the body she wanted and that she felt as though she wasn’t herself anymore! She was starting to feel hopeless.

Within 8 weeks of working together she was walking in the door with confidence again, she was spending more time doing the things she loved and less time worrying about what to eat and how she looked. She knew how to make herself feel great each day, you could feel the change in energy in her.

Don't Let Menopause Change Destroy Your Confidence

Why should we let menopause ruin our confidence! Body changes can be an easy natural transition rather than a constant battle, but many New Zealand women like you just don't know how. No one taught us!

To get back your confidence read on.

By asking yourself the following questions, you can get back to feeling like the real you

1. What do I care about in general?

2. What makes me feel like myself?

3. What is most important to me?

4. What matters to me?

If you want diet and exercise to be easy. It’s about being clear on what is most important to you in your life and what makes you feel great each day and channeling that. That’s why we have created our “Get Your Glow back” free guide. Don't waste another day. Download your free guide for our secrets to confidence and energy today!

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