Insomnia getting you down? Gain back control of your nights and relish your new-found energy!

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Feel energised with sleep and food

Do you ever struggle with sleep?

I want to tell you about one of our clients on a menopause nutrition plan. When she first came to our clinic, she was simply exhausted. She described her fatigue “like a hangover but without the fun girl’s night out the night before”. She lived on coffee and junk food to boost her energy to get her through the day.

90% of the sleep hormone, serotonin is made in your gut, this means what you eat and what you feed your gut bacteria is critical for sleep!

If you’ve ever wanted to know if you can do something to improve your sleep keep reading.

How A Dietitian Improved This Kiwi Woman's Sleep

Over 12 weeks she switched up her coffee breaks to be earlier in the day (it’s hard but worth it when you have the support to get energy other ways!), increased foods that boost serotonin production and radically changed her gut health. She realised that those sugar cravings before bed were actually telling her she was tired, who knew!

So, we sorted the evening cravings and changed her evening routine and got double the results. She trailed a menopause specific herbal supplement which was really good for night sweats in the first few weeks when things were at their worst. By week 12 she was so invigorated you could see her glowing from the moment she walked in the room for her final session.

Starting today you can begin your nutrition transformation for improving your sleep, helping you gain back your precious energy.  

If you would like to see where you can start making changes download the menopause and sleep guide.

NZ Dietitians are highly trained and our Dietitians have helped many kiwi men and women learn the skills they need to nourish their bodies and feel good again.

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