Trying to hold it in? Mistakes you’re probably making that can make urinary incontinence worse without realising it!

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How to improve urinary incontinence

Are you scared to sneeze, cough or laugh?

Bladder Control Problems Are Common in Women

More than 40% of women over 65 suffer from urinary incontinence, affecting twice as many women than men!

Sneezing, coughing, laughing, lifting and jumping are all parts of normal daily life, but we understand that when you have urinary incontinence these actions can cause a lot of stress and embarrassment. Not doing anything about your incontinence could mean that you limit your activities, isolate yourself from your friends and miss precious moments with your family.

Imagine how free and in control you would feel if you knew that a simple sneeze won’t have a ‘flow’ on effect! You would be able to head out with the family, chase and lift your grandchildren, laugh with your friends and move freely without worry.

Don't Ignore Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is not a normal part of ageing. You don’t have to put up with the embarrassment any longer! If you keep reading, you may find that these three common mistakes might just change your life!  

Today we are going to share with you three common mistakes that ladies with urinary incontinence are making, which can actually make it worse!

Urinary Incontinence Mistakes

1. Accepting urinary incontinence as your new normal and thinking there is nothing you can do about it!. Pelvic floor muscles weaken as you age hence providing less support and decreased ability to hold urine in. Doing pelvic floor exercises regularly, can help strengthen the muscles and help you gain back muscular control.

2. Being constipated or having undiagnosed gut issues can increase the pressure in your abdomen. An increase in pressure from your bowels can put pressure on your bladder and worsen incontinence. Sorting out your bowel health will help with urinary incontinence and make life a lot more comfortable!

3. Drinking lots of fluid, including coffee and alcohol, can cause the kidneys to be stimulated and the bladder to fill quickly, increasing the risk of leakage or incontinence.

Now you know three mistakes that are commonly made by ladies like yourself, check out our urinary incontinence handout for more information on how you can keep your bladder healthy and kick urinary incontinence to the curb!

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