Uggggh it can’t be that time of the month again! How to use food to nurture your body during bleeding in menopause

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Menstruation During Perimenopause And Beyond

Do you dread your time of the month?

Frustrated By Menstruation during Perimenopause?

We all know that feeling just before menstruation is about to hit. Bloating, abdominal discomfort, feeling lethargic, craving carbs and the list goes on. Getting it once a month seems like an inconvenience and a chore at times but when she doesn’t show up or shows up more often than your annoying neighbour, it can be frustrating to say the least!

Continuing to be frustrated by your menstruation can lead to increased menopause related stress, anxiety and can contribute to an overall low mood.

Addressing your menstruation issues can free you from stress, anxiety and help raise you out of your low mood allowing you to start enjoying the small things in life again!

So, what can you do to nurture your body through these trying times?

3 Steps To Manage Periods During Perimenopause

Firstly, pay your GP a visit to get some bloods just to check that everything is normal, especially your iron levels!

Secondly, eat balanced meals. We all know the itchy feeling when your period is about to hit when you feel as though you need to eat the house down, especially those carbs! It is important for you to make sure you don’t skip meals during this time. Ensure you have a high-quality source of carbohydrate at each meal. This could be things such as wholegrain bread, brown rice, oats, buckwheat, lentils, chickpeas or kumara. All these carbohydrate options are high in fibre and will keep you fuller for longer and not cause a spike in blood sugar levels like eating something like white bread or cake would cause.

Thirdly, pay attention to your hunger. Are you eating because you are physically hungry and have a grumbly tummy? Or are you eating for emotional comfort? Or are you bored? Or are you feeling lethargic so reaching for a quick energy boost? Is what you are eating going to satisfy your physical hunger as well as non-hungry hunger?

If you would like to complete an activity that helps you navigate your types of hunger, send us your email and we will provide you a link to a copy of our Menopause Survival Guide!

We don't bite but if you aren't ready to email us then feel free to have a look at our menopause page to find out more.

If you are having difficulties navigating your hunger, come and see our expert NZ Dietitians to help you through this time of your life! They will help you develop tools to manage non-hungry eating and provide you with the guidance that you need to be the best possible version of yourself!

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