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Blood Orange or Tangerine as plant based diet for breast tenderness

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Before Working With Us

I used to wake up in the morning and feel too guilty to eat breakfast because of what I had eaten the night before.

Having endometriosis meant that eating certain things would make me feel bloated. So I made sure I didn’t eat those things until the cravings hit.

I didn’t binge every day. But, food consumed my thoughts. Every second day I'd overeat.

I would dance between eating high-sugar foods and salty foods for up to an hour.  Even though those foods made my bloating and inflammation worse. I didn’t care. I'd eat them.

After trying to satisfy the cravings, I felt too awful to eat anymore. I would end up feeling numb and unsatisfied.

Working With A Dietitian To Break Free From The Diet Cycle

When I learned about the diet cycle and what was actually causing my cravings it became simple and clear. I knew what I had to do to break that cycle.

It wasn't easy. But my Dietitian was there every step of the way.

I was finally able to find a way to eat to support my endometriosis and not feel deprived.

Positive Eating Behaviours For Life-long Health

Now, the awful cravings have gone.
I feel free to eat what I want. I don’t miss out on anything.
I feel deeply satisfied from the foods I eat.
If I do get cravings. I know exactly what to do.

I finally know how to nourish my body with endometriosis.

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