Sick of yo-yo dieting? The key mistake we see with weight loss!

Blood Orange or Tangerine as plant based diet for breast tenderness

1 dieting mistake you are probably making

The secret to weight management

Are you always worried about your weight fluctuating and are sick of short term solutions? Then this blog is for you!

Make sure that you read until the end if you want to know the key mistake that everyone makes with weight loss and how to avoid it!

It is so important for you to stop doing this one thing. It is the key mistake people make and that is… having a weight loss plan that relies on your WILLPOWER!

Be realistic

You cannot just plan to stop eating so much junk food because in situations where you would normally eat junk food, you will have no alternative easily available. That is setting yourself up to fail!

Here’s the problem. You rely on willpower- which is the decision-making function of our pre-frontal cortex. Food is around us all the time and the decision-making function of the pre-frontal cortex is like a muscle and eventually it becomes tired! You said that you wouldn’t pick on the tub of ice cream in the freezer after dinner or the packet of biscuits you had brought with visitors in mind, not for your standard evening at home, buuuuut, it’s there so you dig in anyway. Then the limbic system (the part of your brain above the brain stem involved in emotions) kicks in, resulting in your feeling guilty for not showing more control, which is why food is so highly emotive.

Willpower is a weight loss scam that the diet industry is built on- willpower always fails and leaves you feeling like a failure. If you can relate to this, make sure that you keep reading!

Studies show that those who diet will gain back the weight lost while on the diet plus 10% more when they stop the diet, so it is time TO STOP dieting! But how?

Choose a diet that works for life

Looking at the worlds centenarians who live for over 100 years, these communities eat a whole food, plant-based diet with minimal processed foods.

Their diets are all versions of the Mediterranean diet or plant-based diet. These diets give lifelong results as it’s a highly anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant diet of which the benefits just keep on coming!

No more yo-yo dieting and ageless vitality - what more could you want?

From working with over 100 clients every month we know that they most important factor in weight loss is having the right pan in place that does not rely of WILLPOWER. We create personalised and detailed nutrition programmes that ensure your success, no more weight fluctuations!

It's not all about weight loss

This weight loss article was written to help you answer a common question. How do I loose weight for the long term? However, while we can help with weight loss we believe in the Health At Every Size Approach (HAES).

Basically, Health At Every Size, is an approach that focuses on health and equality not body size. There is more to it that that but that is a post for another day.

Have a weight management strategy

You always need to have a contingency plan for back up on the weeks where things get out of control or don’t necessarily go to plan. The plan must include times where your willpower will fail you, allowing you to eat the discretionary foods, the convenient foods, snacks, pick at something after dinner or indulge in your favourite foods, but still encourage you to eat enough of the Mediterranean and plant based foods for getting life long results.

Not relying on willpower means that you can be confident that you are in the drivers seat and your plan is bullet proof no matter what curve balls life throws at you.

Our Dietitians can help with your Nutrition & Life

If you need help with this, our dietitians look at where you are at, tailor real food ideas and ensure you get the key nutrition cornerstones right for managing your weight. This might include sleep, your hormones, digestion or food cravings. Whatever is making it hard for your body to stabilise at your best weight.

If you are not sure how to stop your weight fluctuating, then get in touch with our dietitians today to gain control of your life once again!

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