Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about how your NZ Virtual Dietitian, Christchurch Dietitian, and Dunedin Dietitian appointments work; how to prepare for your appointment, and more.
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Nutrition & Life Services Overview

General Questions

What is a Dietitian?

What is the difference between a Dietitian and Nutritionist?

Can registered Dietitians prescribe medication?

Do your Dietitians give meal plans? 

Do you sell branded supplements or health and wellness products?

Can registered Dietitians order blood work and prescribe vitamins, minerals and food compounds?

What should I expect during my first consultation with a Dietitian?

When should I Consult a Dietitian?

Can I see the same Dietitian every time?

Can I see a Dunedin Dietitian or Christchurch Dietitian?

I’m not based in New Zealand; can you still help?

Can I claim my Dietitian Sessions with my Health Insurance Provider?

Are you an Affiliated Provider with Southern Cross?

How can I see a Nutrition & Life New Zealand Dietitian?

What is your cancellation policy?

Virtual Sessions

What is a virtual session with a Dietitian?

What do I need to have a virtual session with a Dietitian?

How will I know if I can hold my session virtually?

Is it secure and private?

How should I prepare for my video session with a Dietitian?

Why might I prefer a Virtual session with a Dietitian?

What To Expect

If I book a FREE 15-minute consultation what can I expect? 

  • Your Free 15-minute consultation is a complimentary chat with a coach or Dietitian to determine whether we can help you and which Dietitian would be best to get the maximum improvement in your health.
  • This is an obligation-free chat to make sure we are the right fit for you and that we can get you the results you want.

If I book an Initial Assessment what can I expect? 

  • Your 45 minute Initial Assessment is a 1:1 session with a Registered Dietitian. You will walk away with a personalised plan to get your life back on track through nutrition and lifestyle changes. This is ideally just the beginning of your journey and gives your Dietitian and yourself a roadmap to use in your customised plan. However, if you choose not to proceed with a plan it gives you insight into where you need to focus your efforts.

Do you do one-off sessions or plans? 

  • We have offered one-off sessions for those that need to. However, we prefer to book our clients in for a life-changing plan rather than one off sessions.
  • Your Dietitian will recommend the right plan for you at the end of the Initial Assessment.
  • We have plans that have 6 sessions through to 12 sessions at a discounted hourly rate. Transforming your life usually requires more than one session.

COVID19 Questions

Everything you need to know about how we operate and what we need you to do is detailed in the blog or download below. Please note the links don't work in the pdf so the blog is the best for all required information.

What happens during the different Covid Levels?

Can I attend in-person appointments when I am sick or isolating?

What have we done, and are continually doing to combat Covid-19 and keep staff and clients safe?

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