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Glow Back
If you are tired of dieting, conflicting nutrition information and overwhelming food trends and want to learn how to truly listen to what your beautiful body has been trying to tell you all along then you are ready to dive in!

Our services are designed for women who have tried to change the shape of their body in the past through various diets and are now worried about their relationship with their body as they face “The Change”.

Menopause, whether we like it or not, is a completely normal part of a women’s life.

Body Changes
Sleep deprivation
Complete exhaustion or fatigue
Hot flushes, racing heart, headaches
Feeling anxious, forgetful or not yourself
Food guilt
Food intolerances

A women’s experience of menopause is completely unique, as are nutritional requirements during 'the change'. Nutrition & Life Dietitians will help you to keep your glow (and no, not another hot flush!).

How we work


Book a dietitian assessment

You need a dietitian assessment before we prescribe a nutrition plan.


Build a bulletproof nutrition plan

We build a personalised nutrition plan to your needs.


Achieve long-term results

We ensure you achieve results and have chosen the right diet for lifelong success.

The right foundations are important

We offer treatment plans. Your dietitian will tell you which one is right for you after your initial assessment.
Depending on your goals.
Health insurance is available.
Available across the South Island in clinic or through an easy to use video Zoom link, no software downloads required.

We help our clients bring joy to their self-care. To help them get their glow back through nutrition.

You strive to give to others, family and friends, your homes, your work. But what about yourself?

Each of our staff know what burn out feels like, what it is like to be exhausted because you have given too much and not feel like ourselves anymore.
We are most passionate about being dietitians because food changes emotional health, our work involves all self-care related to food or body.