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Bariatric Surgery Is Lifechanging

We can support you on your journey. The first step is a referral by your healthcare provider.

Our Registered Bariatric Dietitians specialise in supporting Bariatric Surgery patients with preparing for surgery and adjusting their diet for their new life.

You are in safe hands with your Nutrition & Life Bariatric Dietitian. They have helped hundreds of clients like you with their bariatric pre-operative and post-operative care.

We've prepared some information below to answer some common questions to put your mind at ease.

Our Dietitians Help Clients With

Bariatric Treatment Plan
Pre-surgery Preparation

Are you prepared (for Bariatric surgery ) spelt  in magnetsBariatric Treatment Plan written by Dietitian with clipboard and healthy food.Surgeon in blocks Dietitians collaborate with surgeonsHealthy Snack of rye cracker with ricotta and tomato.
Surgeon Collaboration
Post-op diet support
Nutrition & Life will be in touch after your referral to talk you through this process.

What Can I Learn From Nutrition & Life?

What does a Bariatric Dietitian Do?

Bariatric Dietitians are specialists in providing nutrition-related care to patients of Bariatric Surgeons.

They can help you:
  • Get ready for surgery by modifying your diet
  • Make lifestyle changes before and after surgery
  • Adjust your diet after surgery to prevent discomfort
Bariatric Dietitians will work closely with both patients and surgeons.

Talk to your healthcare professional to suggest Nutrition & Life for your Bariatric diet support.
Woman worried about her weight talking to a healthcare professional.

Do you want to learn more about Bariatric Surgery?

Nutrition & Life work closely with Mark Smith - Bariatric Surgeon at Aspiring Bariatrics.

Mark and the team have been providing Bariatric Surgery in Otago and Southland since 2012.

Visit Aspiring Bariatrics to learn more about Bariatric Surgery.
Mark Smith Aspiring Bariatrics Surgeon
Visit Aspiring Bariatrics

We get it! It's not easy

You're struggling with:

  • Your body is fighting weight loss methods
  • You wish being fit and healthy was easy
  • You're scared - that this is an option to prevent further health issues

You might think that:

  • What if it doesn't work.... (it does)
  • It will change your whole life....(it will)
These are the concerns we'll cover when we work with you and your surgeon.
Question Mark? Bariatric Surgery Concerns

Get Expert Help

With Your Bariatric Journey

Life is too short you've started your journey. We're right beside you.

You want:
  • Convenient appointments that fit around your work
  • Help that you can access when you need.
  • An expert that knows what works.
  • Lifelong health improvement.
  • To acheive and maintain your health goals.
  • Modern health soutions and technology.

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Bariatric Surgery Is Becoming More Common
Nationally, annual bariatric surgery volume increased in the public sector, from 34 to 516 between 2004 and 2017, with a similar increase in available private sector figures.

Obes Surg. 2020 Jun;30(6):2285-2293.

Why Choose Us?

Senior women and men with lifelong health results smilingTablet with Dietitian on screen representing the option to work with a virtual Dietitian.
Lifelong Results
Virtual Dietitian or Clinic Dietitian
Charts on a table of healthy food for Treatment plan.University Educated Graduate Dietitians.
Dietitian Treatment Plan
Professional putting Dietitian card in their suit pocket.
University Educated Dietitians
orange table setting lifelong healthy eating habits
Experienced Healthcare Professionals
We offer lifelong nutrition skills

How we work


Connect with
a Dietitian

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Develop Your Personal Treatment Path

Find out the secrets
to your success with expert nutrition counselling


Conquer Your
Nutrition & Life

Move forward without the fear of food controlling you

Working With Nutrition & Life Bariatric Dietitians


Thorough nutrition assessment and personalised recommendations.


Overview of the dietary guidelines
for bariatric surgery.

Preparation & Optifast.


Nutrition counselling and changes to;

weight, biochemistry, nutrition,and exercise.


for discharge, continued support, and maintenance.

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I need value for money

- what do I get?

Guides to maintain weight management and healthHealth App Suggestions
Guides to maintain your results
Personalised app suggestions
Text Support DietitianDietitian talking to woman about nutrition
Text or email support
1:1 time with a Dietitian

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Over 2500 people have worked with Nutrition & Life to transform their life since 2005. Of those over 180 are Bariatric Surgery clients.

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