Our Clients want to feel invincible through mid-life. They do not want to put up with:

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Menopause weight gain
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Hot Flushes, night sweats and sleepless nights
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Feeling flat and low in energy
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Headaches, dry skin, libido or bowel changes
Menopause changes getting older woman down.

We are famous for our incredible results with menopause and:

Weight loss
Body changes
Hormone imbalance
Food intolerances
Food cravings/Food addiction

Our mission is to make you feel at ease instantly and take you through our bullet-proof process to create the right menopause diet for you.

To do this we:

Tell you exactly what to eat to feel invincible through mid-life
Provide you with a choice of of nutrition plan for complete control, weekly or daily support options are available
Support you through a bulletproof menopause diet that gives you control back so that you can on with life
Assess your symptoms to see of our menopause diets are right for you
Our expert dietitian have seen all the weird and wonderful hormonal symptoms you could imagine.

Ready to feel like you again?

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