Frustrated and confused by body changes or what to eat?

Our NZ Dietitians help you with gaining clarity around what nutrition you need to fuel your body and feel good again.

Your body and mind will change over your lifetime. Sometimes you just need some help to feel healthy again.

Our NZ Dietitians help kiwis that are feeling stuck, frustrated and confused about what to eat for their unique body and medical needs.

If you are experiencing any of the following we can help:

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Body size changes that are impacting your quality of life or feelings about your body
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Abdominal pain associated with the digestive system or reproductive system
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A medical diagnosis associated with gut or digestive health, women's health, or nutrition
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Complete exhaustion or fatigue
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Hot flushes, racing heart, headaches, brain fog, and other hormonal changes.
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Feeling anxious around food and eating.
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Food guilt and emotional eating
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Food intolerances ...... and much more

Your experience is completely unique, as are all of our nutritional requirements.

Our team are qualified to help you with these changes and more.

Nutrition & Life Dietitians will help you to get your glow back so you can get back to living life to the full.

Get to know our Christchurch Deticians today by reading the Nutrition & Life About page.

Happy Women With Body Changes

We are famous for our incredible results with:

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Nutrition & Life Services Overview

Gut Health, Digestive Health & IBS

Have you developed tummy pains, bloating or irregular bowel patterns?

Our expert Dietitians help to discover what your individual food triggers are and how to manage these.

Food is Controling me!

Has food guilt crept in over the years? Does food consume you? You are not alone.

Our Dietitians are experts in supporting busy professionals with weight concerns, long-term nutrition, and body changes.

Connect with a NZ Dietitian

How we work


Book a dietitian assessment

You need a dietitian assessment before we prescribe a customised nutrition programme.


Build a bulletproof treatment programme

We build a personalised nutrition treatment programme to suit your unique needs. This is not a meal plan!


Step-by-step support

We support you every step of the way to ensure you success by the end of your nutrition treatment plan.

The right foundations are important

We offer Dietitian treatment plans. Your dietitian will tell you which one is right for you after your initial assessment.

It all depending on your unique nutrition and life goals.

Health insurance is available.
Virtual Dietitian appointments are available through an easy to use video Zoom link, no software downloads required.

We help our clients bring joy to their self-care. To help them get their glow back through nutrition.

You strive to give to others, family and friends, your homes, your work. But what about yourself?

Each of our staff know what burn out feels like, what it is like to be exhausted because you have given too much and not feel like ourselves anymore.
We are most passionate about being dietitians because food changes emotional health, our work involves all self-care related to food or body.

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