If you're always bloated...

Its time for a 28-day gut reset.
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Imagine feeling bloat-free, calmer and happier.
Anyone with bloating can improve their gut health and it is not hard.

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If you're overwhelmed by bloating, you are not alone.

Chances are you are here for the following reasons:

You get a “food baby”, pain and bloating after eating almost anything
You've been given a diagnosis of IBS but limited treatment options
You've had bloating for some time and it is getting progressively worse
That Gut Feeling is a 28-day program grounded in nutrition science that teaches simple effective steps for those wanting to be bloat-free, calmer and happier through boosting the health of their microbiome - even if you have multiple food intolerances.
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Why us?

The problem with any other gut health programs is they overlook the simple daily practices needed for a healthy microbiome to prevent bloating for good.
They focus on diets, tests and supplements and when they stop working offer no other solution.
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Our team of dietitians behind That Gut Feeling have helped over 2,000 clients, like you, with proven results.

Josephine Sutton is a Gut Specialist Dietitian and Founder of That Gut Feeling.

She healed herself from 18 years of bloating and for the past 7 years has guided private clients to do the same. Now her in-clinic program is being released to the public for the very first time!
Our CEO Josephine

Emma Wright is a Body Confidence Coach.

She recovered from an eating disorder and now guides daily mindfulness walks to help clients restore confidence in their bodies.
Her well-reknowned guided walks have become a secret gut-health weapon, to calm down the messages being sent from your brain to the gut and gut to your brain (the gut-brain axis).

That Gut Feeling 28-day reset is a simple
3 part program to reset your microbiome.

pillar 1


Learn how to use my Fibre MAP – so you have absolute clarity on how to have a high fibre gut-loving diet (without bloating).

pillar 2


Learn how to support every function of your digestion through the way you eat – so you are less likely to experience uncomfortable bloating and pain.

pillar 3


Learn how to support your gut-brain-axis through the way your exercise – so you are less triggered by stress.
Become a less bloated, calmer and happier version of you through healing your gut.
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At That Gut Feeling we focus on the key habits for gut health so you get no more relapses   

In 2012 the American Gut Project was launched. This study, of 10,000 people, revealed why fibre is the secret to gut health. It confirmed that those who consume 30 or more different plant foods each week have more diverse gut microbes compared to those who consume 10 or less each week. On the 28-day gut reset you will learn how to eat 10 PER DAY, with enough variation from day-to-day to easily achieve 30 different plant foods per week.

Never before have our dietitian programs been released to the public but now they are available in a simple, fun and effective program.

Frequently asked questions

How is the program delivered?

Do I need a laptop or computer to do it?

What if I can’t print the workbook?

Is the workshop available internationally?

Can I get my money back?

I can’t afford $999 right now, can you help?

If I get stuck, where can I get support?

Do I need to be gluten free, diary free, or low FODMAP on the program?

Should I start taking a probiotic or supplement while on the program?

That Gut Feeling Program

$ 999.00 NZD
My unique step-by-step action plan delivered by daily emails to get you the results of a complete in-clinic program (valued at $1688)
A pdf copy of our “That Gut Feeling Fibre Guide”
A pdf copy of our “That Gut Feeling Accountability Diary”
10 motivation video updates by Josephine Sutton
5 Guided mindfulness walk audio for download by Emma Wright
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