Virtual Sessions with Dietitians

A virtual appointment is like any other, just less time in a waiting room and virtual visits come at no additional cost.

Unlike a physio or osteopath, Dietitians have no need to physically touch their clients and these days, everything you need to enjoy a virtual session is now built into the selfie cameras and cellular data connections on your smartphone.

Studies show client satisfaction with virtual health is high.   For clients, the advantages of virtual health are clear: You typically can get an appointment sooner, in the safety of your own home or workplace, saving time and money on petrol and parking — in some cases, even avoiding a loss in wages for missing work.

Clients are as likely - or even a bit more likely - to highly rate their care providers following telephone or virtual Dietitian visits compared with in-person care.  This is because Dietitians get to see you in your everyday environment, which significantly helps them understand you. You will also likely be more relaxed at home rather than in a clinic room.

Ever run late for an appointment?  Virtual sessions help you be on time, and in turn, your Dietitian.

What to expect during a Virtual Session with a Dietitian

These appointments are just like standard, in-person appointments, except that you are speaking to your dietitian via video conference from your home. Depending on your conversation, you can receive a diagnosis, learn about different treatment options, and get menu options.

During your virtual appointment, your dietitian will ask about your concerns and symptoms. Sometimes, your dietitian may recommend that you make an appointment for an in-person test or exam. But in many cases, virtual visits are all you need to address less pressing health concerns.

Video sessions don't just let you and the Dietitian to see each other’s faces. Dietitians are also able to bring up engaging and interactive information and guides and a host of other supplemental information of value.

*Nutrition & Life utilizes the Zoom software for our virtual sessions.  This software is free and easy to install and access from a variety of devices, is widely popular, and is private and secure.  If you are a new user to zoom you will be guided through the process by someone on our team, taking all the headache out of connecting for a virtual session.  A desktop or laptop computer are ideal, but sessions can also be held quite effectively using a tablet or smartphone as well.

Nutrition & Life high-level service quality

Our clients seek the virtual services of our Dietitians from all over New Zealand, this means they get the most specialised Dietitian no matter where they live. Sessions can be a short as 30 minutes without any commute required, giving quality care even to those with very busy schedules.  Your Dietitian may or may not be located in the same area as yourself, but the service will be as smooth as if they were in the room with you.

Rest assured that our Dietitians can help change your eating habits by making important adjustments, answer questions throughout nutritional counselling sessions and support you as you make lifestyle changes.

No one has an extra hour to waste.  With our secure and high-quality video conferencing software, never worry about traffic and parking again.

Let our Dietitians help you reach your goal(s)!

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