Is your program missing something?

Your clients deserve some control back.

All clients benefit from nutritional support – after an accident, injury or trauma it can be the missing piece of the puzzle that brings fun or relief to self-care.

We can work with your patients through your system and the ACC system

By partnering with you, we become close-knit with your business and your clients and can offer a truly holistic program to clients.

We know that funding can be tight

We get that objective measures are important

We get when communication to colleagues is vital

We understand that your team works to a program

Original ACC rehabilitation dietitians, working with ACC since 2006
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Sensitive claims

Changes to eating and self-care can arise through recent or past trauma.

We offer mindfulness-based nutrition counselling for trauma recovery.

Clients start with a clear nutrition goal/plan for guidance and move towards intuitive eating over time.

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Training for Independence

It's difficult to adjust your eating mindset and to adapt, when someones physical wellbeing is changed beyond their control, through an accident or injury.

We offer support, plans and motivation to ensure your client's relationship with food becomes healthy and manageable.

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Pain Management

Food can often be forgotten or become an enemy when managing the stress and the daily challenges of chronic pain.

We use food to give clients resilience to daily physical and emotional challenges.

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The referral process


We listen to you/your client

We discuss with you, or your client, the issues they are facing


We make the plan

We create a simple, but effective goal with your client


We implement solutions

We work with the client to implement the plan, ensuring it will honestly work for them


We give ACC updates

We give timely updates on chosen outcome measures

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